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Running a business is A LOT! Let me help you make it easier and showcase your business, brand, or event exactly how you want it. I love capturing the unique brand/event and helping you show it off to the public. Stock photography may be easy to download and insert in your advertisements, magazines, or social media, but it’s not YOU or your BRAND, It’s not personal and unique like you are. Let me come into your work place and capture you in your environment, come photograph your big event, fun and natural corporate headshots, or that author signing your school is hosting. I have photographed for Universities such as Ball State University, Diabetes summer camps, small businesses that make dog bandanas and stickers, trade shows, professional headshots, and corporate events with over thousands of attendees.

So Whether you need images that professionally document your brand, event, or business, details shots of you working in your studio, or headshots at your corporate business I would love to work with you!

Scroll down a bit to read more about my influencer and online brand packages!

Ball State University: Miller College of Business

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Product Photography

are you an influencer or own your own business? 

With Instagram and Facebook being such a big part of getting your small business or influencer account out in the open; crisp, bright, and unique photos are KEY! People aren't just interested in what you're selling, they're interested in your WHY. That is what I am here to help you with, capturing your why in photographs to share with your viewers! 


Photos that showcase products in a lifestyle setting (actually being used, stylishly displayed, or that include people) get way more online interaction than the old-fashioned white-background "catalog" shots!

I offer FUN + stress-free photo experiences for businesses... to tell the REAL story behind the brand and help distinguish it from the rest. Let’s keep things casual, bring out your personality, and bring on the FUN. I also include lay flat shots, bright backgrounds, and unique locations! 

personal brand photography

You've been working hard to grow your personal brand, so let's get you those pictures to show off your unique style + personality! 

You are a social influencer. And so you already understand the power of photography. And you know how important it is to have photos that actually match your personal brand and stand out from the rest. You need lots of varied content to share across several online platforms, so that you can finally STOP waking up in a panic wondering "what am I going to POST today?" My packages include 30 images+ per session so that you have a new image to post daily!

So let's grow your personal brand and make you and your brand insta-famous, but also get real business not just likes!   

less stress, more PLAY

You KNOW you need new photos. But you aren't sure where to start. And let's face it... it's all kinds of awkward being in front of the camera. And figuring out what types of photos will show off your business to its best has has kept this chore on your to-do list for waaaaaay too long.

I GET THAT. And I take care of it all so you don't have to stress. 

With lots of pre-planning, tips on making the session go smoothly (just twist open your favorite wine bottle... I promise you will be more relaxed along the way), and quick + easy delivery of the final images... you'll actually get the chance to relax + ENJOY the experience!

And the session itself... yeah, it's all kinds of fun + totally STRESS-FREE. Here's why: I keep you informed every step of the way, go in with a solid plan for shots to capture, keep things running smoothly, style things as we go along, and will even bring the music with me (because music makes everything better, right?) You can bring the beer or wine. For real. We'll get the shots you want, and you'll have fun along the way. 

And rather than feeling like a boring business transaction, the whole experience will be kinda like hanging out with a friend.

ORRRR if you are too busy to find the time, you can deliver your products to me and I will shoot and deliver them back to you, that is perfectly fine with me!  

why pick me?

I get it. You've got a limited budget, and you're looking all over for the photographer that will fit you just right. So why should you hire ME?

Because I'm MORE than just a photographer. With my degree in Fine Art, I understand photo placement, color, lighting, and what is most pleasing to the eye! If you have animal products, I have 4 of my own that love to model, if you have children’s products I have a whole bedroom at home dedicated to children’s books, a mountain mural, and all kinds of fun decor! I love to travel to new places and explore.    

I've also personally been there, too. I've built my own business from the ground up, and run all the behind the scenes branding, social media content, marketing materials and web design, too! SO I COMPLETELY GET IT! I can help you with tips on your social media, how to make it easier to organize and prepare your posts and what you should talk about and what not to do.

digital images INCLUDED

But it gets even better...

You'll receive high-resolution digital images (for PRINT purposes), as well as WEB-READY imagesMy online downloadable gallery includes printed options as well as downloading them to your computer or smart phone! 

Digital images are delivered as downloadable files, presented to you in an online gallery. And the gallery can easily be shared with the rest of your team (your assistant, web designer, marketing guru, etc.), so that they have access when they need it, and you won't be bothered every time someone needs an image.   

on-location or in-studio

So.... your place or mine? 

I provide on-location services whenever possible, to let your authenticity shine through. And if you want a more “traditional” look on a white or black background, no problem, my studio is always available with professional studio lighting and great natural light, with bright grey walls and plenty of props. 

so what's it gonna cost?

I get it... you have a limited budget + need to make sure you're getting the most bang for your buck! That's why I customize each session type to fit your and your business.

Business/branding photography sessions start at $250.

And headshots start at just $125.  

Special event coverage is available too, starting at $250. 

Remember... this IS in an investment. And it can also be a business write-off! WOOHOO!

"okay... but do you photograph (fill-in-the-blank)?"

My answer to this is MOST LIKELY YES. If you like my style + feel a connection, then that's a great start. 

If you're a small business, blogger, social influencer, interior designer, artist, teacher, photographer, coach, hairstylist, real estate agent, restaurant/brewery owner, lawyer, doctor, have your own clothing line or retail store, or anything else even remotely along these lines... you're in the right place!

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