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Jake Haney Senior Photos

Happy 18th Birthday to my not so little brother Jacob! I can not believe that you are 18, it seems like yesterday you were rocking too far on your rocking horse and making me a nervous wreck, playing in the garden hose in your diaper, jumping off the pool ladder in to my arms, playing veterinarian with all of my stuffed animals, and dancing around on your hands while playing the drums! I know you will do great things and I can not wait to see what the future holds for you, but I also want to freeze time and not let you grow up. I love you Jakey. I am always here for you, no matter what.

This senior is a little special to me, Jake just turned 18 today and I had to share some of his senior photos I took this past fall. It has taken me a bit longer to edit these.

1. I wanted to be able to sit down and focus on each and every photo without any distractions.

2. I knew that editing these would make me a little emotional and reminiscent of our younger years.

3. It was soooo hot when we took these photos, so lots of sweat had to be removed from each photo. (haha).

I hope you enjoy these photos, half as much as I enjoyed spending time with Jake and capturing him all grown up.

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