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Boudoir Photography

Boudoir Photography  

Where does my session take place?

All of my boudoir sessions take place in my naturally lit photography studio located out in the country of Delaware County, Indiana. Though my studio is not located in downtown Muncie, my studio is located out in the country with a 10 foot window letting in all of the natural light. My studio is a light grey with a white metal bed, a romantic vintage rose pink chair, and did I mention GORGEOUS NATURAL LIGHTING. You also have the option of providing your own location in home, hotel, airbnb or anywhere you can think of.

What does my session fee include? 

I offer weekday and limited weekend sessions. All sessions include a decorative flash drive with your edited images, a print release allowing you to print and order where you choose, an online gallery where you can order prints, albums, canvases, and more from, as well as print package credit where you you get FREE credit to order prints or put towards an album of your images. All photos take 4-6 weeks to edit, with a sneak peek within a week-2 weeks from your session. 

Boudoir Photography // Muncie, Indiana Boudoir Photographer // Kyla Jo Photography Boudoir // Indiana Boudoir Photographer

"I have no idea what to bring, I have never done this before, I am so scared!?"

99% of my clients have never had a boudoir session before and are so NERVOUS before coming in. I have had clients say, "I almost called and cancelled my session, I had no idea why I even signed up to do this!", but after coming in and having their photos taken, they were so happy they did and were feeling themselves all through the session. I will never ask you to give me a sexy look, or "look sexy". I will help instruct you on what to do with your body, your hands, your eyes, and make you feel comfortable and at ease throughout your session. One thing I always tell my clients is that I am NOT a confident person I am so self conscience of my body, so I completely understand if you feel that way, and I will help you to feel confident and look your best through out your session and your images. I am here to help you feel AMAZING about your self! 

Okay so what to bring:


You do not have to wear lingerie if you do not want to, you can bring layers with sweaters, plaids, and tall socks if you would like. You do not have to be in lingerie for your session, it is your session and all about you! But, if you are wanting to wear lingerie, I would suggest bringing 2 different lingerie outfits, this gives you variation but not too much to where you feel stressed having to change a million times. 

A pair of simple heels to wear with your lingerie, details are some of the most beautiful and simple shots, I love including shoes as a simple touch. 

Your significant other's jersey, favorite shirt, uniform, or even just a tie and tall socks. Your significant other loves these pieces of clothing (maybe almost as much as he/she loves you) so why not include them in your boudoir session that you will most likely be gifting to them. I love the touch of color and personality that it brings out when shooting clients in their significant other's clothing. It is a fun and quirky way to include them in the process as well! 

A loose sweater that hangs off of your shoulder with your favorite lacey pair of panties or PJ shorts. This is a sweet and innocent look that may warm you up to shooting in your sexiest lingerie.  

Boudoir Photography // Muncie, Indiana Boudoir Photographer // Kyla Jo Photography Boudoir // Indiana Boudoir Photographer // Lingerie Indiana


Tall Socks


Meaningful jewelry can always add a little to the shot (not too much though)

Something that is sentimental to you 

A fun and playful hat is always a good addition to a few shots

Music! I have a bluetooth speaker that you are more than welcome to use to make you feel comfortable. I have a playlist that is full of sexy and encouraging music to make you feel comfortable and enjoy the session. 

Drinks! Feel free to bring a little liquid courage with you to your session, or whatever you would like to drink.