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Locations For Sessions

This blog post is for those of you who have scheduled a session with Kyla Jo Photography and now you are wondering, “Where should we have our session?”

These are some of the locations in Indiana and around Muncie that are my favorites or that I have shot at before. I will include reasons why I love these spots and which spots are best for families, seniors, pets, newborns, maternity, couples, and children sessions.


Whitetail Tree Farms

Whitetail Tree Farms is perfect for any winter session, when all of the trees are dead and there is not much color, the pine trees always make a gorgeous backdrop. During the fall, there are even more places to shoot with bright yellow trees, fence lines, and a cute pathway surrounded by trees.


Minnetrista Gardens

Minnetrista requires photographers to have a yearly pass to be able to shoot on their grounds, and I have one! YAY! Minnetrista is gorgeous in the spring with bright flowers and greenery everywhere. Minnetrista is great for families, with a simplistic nature feel, there are surrounding buildings that can be used as backdrops as well.



The reservoir has tons of locations, but I have found one that is gorgeous in the evening just before sunset! The trees are surrounding you, the water in the background, and the road is close by for some fun dipping and dancing shots! I would suggest this location in the evening just before sunset for the best lighting. If you are a little adventurous we can jump in the reservoir and capture some playful shots.


White River Water Fall & Park

If you are wanting to stick close to downtown Muncie, but want a little nature included in your session, this is the perfect classic spot. With a path lined with green shrubbery and an old building with steps for the family. Just across the road is Whiteriver, where shooting in the evening or on an overcast day is perfect. I have shot in the sun, pouring rain, cold and hot weather here at the park and I just love all of the outcomes!


Foellinger-Freimann Botanical Conservatory

This botanical garden is everything you could ever want for a senior session. Even though it is a little bit of a drive from Muncie Indiana, it is totally worth it! It is located in Fort Wayne, and has the most beautiful lighting and backdrops. I could spend hourssss here capturing your photos! If you are interested in a session here, there is a small travel fee, but like I said it is SO WORTH IT! Check out the website and all of the different gardens they offer.


Maplewood Golf Course (Location of Studio)

Maplewood is near and dear to my heart, as my studio is located just upstairs above the pro shop! Maplewood is perfect in the fall, with colors everywhere. Currently there is a huge tree that fell last year, we were all so sad, butttttt it makes for a really fun photo prop. There is also a tall grassy area for spring and summer shoots in the back of the course, your kids will love riding in the golf carts to get there! Of you are interested in getting a mixture of studio photos and outdoor photos, this is the perfect location for you.


Ball State University Quad

Ball State is pretty year round, with the old buildings and huge doorways. I usually meet at the art museum and go from there. The stair case is huge and is perfect for that large family photo, you have been wanting for years. Just around the building is a line of pine trees, that make for a great background in your family groupings or senior photos. I am very comfortable with campus (as a BSU Alumni) and know of other spots, such as the green house, fountain, village and a few others!

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